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PepTalk® Pillow - Rainbow

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Has this happened to you? You pick your child up from school and ask them how their day was. All you get back is a grunted 'okay'... so you ask them what they did. 'Nothing!'

Children can be hesitant to talk about their day, worries or feelings with parents. But if they keep their problems bottled up, it can lead to problems. 

The PepTalk Pillow is a fun and easy way for children to open up. The pillow comes with a brief guide on how to start a conversation and what to say if worries are raised, making it the perfect tool for parents looking for an easy and daily check-in with their child. With questions about feelings, memories, dreams and self-image, the PepTalk Pillow helps children explore all aspects of their lives.

By giving children a comfortable place to share their thoughts and feelings, the PepTalk Pillow can help pave the way for healthy communication between parents and children.

Product details:

  • Rainbow print both sides of pillowcase
  • Suitable for 5 – 11 year olds
  • Standard pillow case size 50 x 75 cm
  • Cotton Poplin
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees
  • British Made
  • Pillow insert not included


Do I need to use the PepTalk Pillow every night?

You don't need to use it every night but as children enjoy the one-to-one time and conversations so much, they will be reminding you to have a PepTalk most days! You'll be surprised how quickly it becomes part of your bedtime routine.

How long should a PepTalk take?

We understand that family life can be chaotic and time is short, so we designed the pillow prompts to shape a meaningful conversation whether you have 2 or 20 mins.

How much is delivery?

UK delivery of our pillow cases starts at £1.50.
We also deliver internationally - shipping is calculated at checkout.

Can I make a return?

Of course you can! We think you're going to love our innovative products, but you can return them in unused condition within 30 days.

  • I can't recommend the PepTalk Pillow highly enough. It's really amazing how something that looks so simple has transformed bedtime with our son and really helped us have proper conversations.

    I was struggling to get him to open up but I knew he was dealing with lots of anxiety and negativity so the best thing about the pillow for me is that he is leading the conversations each night and reminding me to use it before lights out. He looks forward to our chats and the questions prompt all sorts of discussions we wouldn't usually have. I love that they often lead to funny stories and anecdotes from his day that he wouldn't usually share.

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  • I’d definitely recommend the PepTalk Pillow.

    It’s a well thought through idea which has enabled me to ask some pretty soul searching questions to my son, in an unassuming way, which has led to some pretty meaningful discussions that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

    Enabling a child to speak about their feelings is no mean feat, and the pillow certainly facilitates this.

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  • It has lead to some very charming and soul searching conversations with my 8 year old son.

    It has actually transformed our evening routine and is now an integral part of bedtime.

    I believe that our emotional health is closely linked to mental health and I was struggling to find the right time (or place) to have these one-on-one chats with him. The pillow provides all of the leading questions so he can explain exactly how he is feeling comfortably in his own bed.

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Our Story


We are a mum and daughter team on a mission to build confidence through connection and uplifting conversations.

Being a busy working mum, finding precious moments for meaningful conversations with my daughters was a challenge but together with my 12 year old daughter Matilda, we created the PepTalk®️ Pillow a new way to have conversations about the things that matter.

We love that our customers get so much joy from the conversations they have using the PepTalk®️ Pillow.  Also, that it can be so beneficial to those struggling with big emotions but find it difficult to express how they feel.

We hope you enjoy your PepTalks, thanks for joining us.

Alex & Matilda 💜