The PepTalk Pillow has been such a brilliant addition to bedtime for my two daughters The pillow provides a fun and interactive way of communicating meaningfully and positively about their feelings. Such a gorgeous way to connect with my kids. I couldn’t recommend it enough.


The PepTalk Pillow has given our daughter - and us - a lovely bedtime focus and a great opportunity to talk. It is now an integral part of our day. She seems to feel safer and more able to talk about her feelings with the pillow in her hands and with its questions guiding our discussions.  I wholeheartedly recommend this lovely product.


I can't recommend the PepTalk Pillow highly enough. It's really amazing how something that looks so simple has transformed bedtime with our son and really helped us have proper conversations. For me the fact our son now actively wants to talk to us each night is a game changer.


This has given us an amazing addition to bedtime. My five year old has been able to voice her worries and her successes and it brings a great focus and closure to the end of the day. I would recommend to all.


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The PepTalk Pillow encourages children to tap into their thoughts and feelings and I’ve found that it enhances self esteem and resilience. My favourite section is “Your Dreams” It’s so lovely to see the children I work with look inwards and see themselves in a positive way, as well as being able to have conversations about difficult feelings.

Rachel Bloggs MA UKCP Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist 

Bedtimes are the times when our psychological defences come down and our worries and big emotions surface. The PepTalk Pillow is a great idea for helping children to befriend and talk about their feelings with the help of their parents. Having something fun and cuddly is so helpful to get conversation going with kids.  Amazing work Matilda and Alex!”

Dr Andrea Shortland, Pocket Family Psychologist

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